Angi Kappenman
Angi Kappenman



Office Location:
Heston Hall

HR Generalist II

Human Resources

Angi Kappenman was just recognized for: CSA - Employee of the Month
Angi Kappenman has been with DSU since April of 2014. In the year she has been here, she has developed great repertoire with faculty, staff and students she has worked with. She follows up on questions asked, and anticipates the needs of those people she works with to answer questions and prepare information in advance. She has a very friendly smile and is focused on the needs of those who contact her. Angi has worked especially hard over the last 5 months due to being understaffed and working to train new employees. She goes above and beyond. This year, she managed the year end payroll processes for the University with very little challenge. Angi reaches out to those around her when she has questions and solves many of her own problems or questions. In addition to year process, Angi has now played a significant role in determining how to administer the ACA rules and procedures as determined with the BOR Office, here on our campus to meet Federal requirements. This has taken many hours of meetings and several trips to Pierre with multiple-day stay-overs. Her ability to dive in and understand the inner working s of our HRFIS system and all the tables behind the front screens to really be able to administer this program has been remarkable. She is driven, enthusiastic, positive and encouraging to be around and to work with. DSU benefits from her work every day and my team benefits as well! I would like to nominate Angi Kappenman for her ability to stand out as an exceptional employee with exceptional attitude, service and work ethic! She goes to the Nth degree every time without ever cutting corners! Submitted by: Maria Harder
Recognized: 03-20-2015
Kathleen Christiansen was just recognized by Dorine Bennett for: Scholarly and Creative Endeavors
Kathleen completed a research project, titled How HIE/DIRECT Has Changed the Health Community, as a part of the requirements for finishing her master in science in health informatics (MSHI) degree from DSU. An article about the project was recently published in Midwest Medical Edition (MED Magazine) which is the South Dakota Region's most respected and longest-standing news and business publication exclusively for doctors and other healthcare professionals.
Recognized: 03-18-2015
Jack Walters was just recognized by Tory Bickett for: Other
I would like to recognize Jack Walters for going above and beyond helping me obtain a student's immunization records. He was able to contact one of his students in his class to alert them about this important matter. The student was at risk for being administratively withdrawn unless he provided the required documentation. The student was able to provide the documentation to me the next day! Thank you, Jack, for taking the time to assist with delivering an important message to this student!
Recognized: 02-10-2015
Ellen Hoff was just recognized by Ethelle Bean for: CSA - Employee of the Month
I would like to nominate Ellen Hoff for CSA Employee of the Month to recognize her work in collection and stack management. For the past several years the Mundt has put significant effort into a major project to cull old and ineffective titles from the main collection and to reduce the footprint of the stacks. This project is now complete. Ellen managed this complex project for us. She conferred and collaborated with the rest of us but it was Ellen who the project champion – she devised the work flows, trained our student library assistants in process and kept the project moving forward. As a result of her efforts the Library withdrew thousands of obsolete or irrelevant titles and reduced its stack footprint by 5 stacks. The impact of the project resulted in a main collection that is up-to-date and relevant to our current academic programs; stacks where that interesting serendipity of seeking one item but finding many can occur; and more spacious seating for student collaboration and study. I would like her colleagues in CSA to help me thank her for her tremendous efforts by recognizing her as a CSA Employee of the Month. Thank you.
Recognized: 10-02-2014
Tyler Steele was just recognized by Annette Miller for: CSA - Employee of the Month
Tyler often times is pulled in many directions throughout the work day. He drops everything and helps all with a smile. Tyler's position takes him all over campus. During holiday breaks and semester breaks, Tyler is busy updating equipment campus wide. There is no down time in Tyler's day.
Recognized: 11-21-2014
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